When Disaster Hits

In 5 days time I should be boarding a flight to Australia, with a one way ticket. But I wont be. I bust my ankle a couple of weeks ago in a Go-Karting accident, and following an operation to pop a couple of pins in there I am not particularly mobile, or in any way fit to board a flight.
This is, however, great news for more than 1 reason. First up, all the posts I currently had saved as drafts that are in the need of a little TLC (and have been for the past few months) can be addressed. 

Next, there is my all important bank balance. A few extra months at work and not being able to go out socialising can hardly be a bad thing in the lead up to a year long trip, now can it?

Its not the best of situation, but I can enjoy the changing of the seasons and wrapping up nice and warm in lovely winter jumpers, hats and scarves.

And, hey, if any of you fancy a try at go-karting in North London, Team-Sport Go-Karting in Edmonton was awesome fun. Broken ankle aside.


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