Travel Plans for 2015

Travel Plans 2015

When I left the UK with a one way ticket to Australia in March 2014, I didn’t know when I would be returning to the UK. I suppose I thought I’d do the standard one year break, and return in March 2015. Looking back now, I know this was not what I wanted. I just didn’t know if long term travel, with no end date at all, was really achievable. With this in mind, here are my blogĀ and travel plans 2015.


First of all, lets take a look at the travel plans. In honesty, plans is probably a little bit strong, ideas might be more suitable. The start of the year is pretty nicely mapped out – we will leave Luang Prabang on January 3rd, having spent a magical three months here. Heading south, we will stop at Vang Vieng and then Vientiane where we will apply for a visa to go back to Vietnam. After approval, we will take a bus to see the Plane of Jars, close to the Laos/Vietnam border, and then over to Hanoi. Doesn’t this sound lovely and planned out?

Leaving Luang Prabang is step one for our travel plans 2015

This is where things take a turn from plans to ideas. The main reason we are returning to Hanoi is in the hope of me finding a teaching job. I’ve been volunteering at a language school here in Luang Prabang, and really enjoyed it. And if I don’t find paid work soon I’ll be forced to use the last of my money to book a flight back to the UK, which is not at all what I want to do. So, the future holds English teaching in Hanoi. Both Graham and I are really excited about this. It will give us chance to really live in a country, rather than just pass through. We can rent a flat, so we have a home for a while, complete with a washing machine. I can teach, work on my blog and hopefully find some more volunteering work whilst Graham will be spending his time working on his website ideas.

Teaching should top up my travel funds enough to allow a trip back to the UK. I’ve only been gone nine months, but so much has happened. A 2/3 week trip home would be amazing to catch up with my friends and family. Again, this falls firmly into the ideas list, rather than the plans list! Here’s to hoping I can afford the trip.

From here, the ideas begin to get a little more murky. We know we want to buy some sort of camper van. The destination for this is still in debate; there is so much to consider with how to buy a van, what time of year is cheaper, insurance, campsite costs, selling the van, and about a million other things. Ultimately, where we decide to go will also determine how long we stay in Hanoi. We’ve been watching a lot of videos from Gone With the Wynns and have fallen in love with the dream of campervanning our way around the world. So, teaching in Hanoi will fund a trip to the UK, purchasing and insuring a camper van, and support the trip through whichever countries we settle on. So not much.

And what will happen to A Cup of Adventure in 2015? I’m not planning any massive changes, but you can expect more guides, more pictures and more stories of me falling over at inappropriate times. I would also like to share stories of the less glamorous side of travelling, the darker, meaner, crueller part of the world we are exploring. Because we don’t just travel to swim beneath waterfalls and drink beer on the beach. We also travel to see how other people live, and to experience cultures that are completely different to ours. This side of travel can often be soberingĀ at the least, and heartbreaking and guilt inducing at other times. Luckily, there are hundreds of charities dedicated to helping people and animals all around the world that are in need of support. So, without wanting to sound preachy, I hope to begin sharing some of the more gritty experiences of travelling, and the things that we can do to support development.

Our travel plans are, as you can tell, a little rough around the edges. We’re both excited though, and there are sure to be lots of adventures to share with you all along the way.

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