Terviseks Review, Tartu, Estonia

Earlier this year my sister and I went for a week in Estonia. A destination that I can not recommend enough, but ones again I am going to side track myself if I begin singing the country praises.

The second largest city in this little Baltic gem in Tartu. It is tiny. Like, really tiny. Google tells me the population in 2010 was 103,512, which makes it not much bigger than Bath. We were in Estonia for 1 week and planned to stay in Tartu for 1 night. The evening before heading off from Tallinn we searched for somewhere to stay and came across Terviseks. This lovely little place is located right on Town Hall Square, aka Raekija Plats. This is the perfect location in Tartu, right in the heart of the city. From here everything is easily within walking distance (to be fair, everywhere is within walking distance from everywhere).

Terviseks is a great hostel in the heart of Tartu

Terviseks is a great hostel in the heart of Tartu

Terviseks is on the right hand side of this square, with the common room looking strait out – what a view!

Unfortunately I got pretty ill after our 1st night in the hostel and couldn’t get out of bed to take the bus to our next destination. My sister inquired with Liima, one of the Estonian girls working and living in the hostel, to see if it were possible to stay an extra night. Not only was it possible, they also offered to move me into a private room where I could rest up! My sister spent the rest of the day chilling in the hostel with Liima and Christian, who owns and lives in the hostel. We were both made to feel so at home! They took really good care of Sam and gave her suggestions of things she could do whilst I was sleeping.

The place was really clean and inviting. A no shoes policy made the place feel really relaxed and the huge sofas in the lounge area were great to crash out on with a deck of cards in the evening. They operate a self service breakfast – just help yourself to cereal or toast in the morning and wash your dishes when you’re done.

I really couldn’t recommend this place more. The staff were so friendly and cheery, the beds were comfy and warm, the bathrooms were clean and the common room had an inviting atmosphere. All in all, I just wish I hadn’t wasted so much of my time there in bed feeling sorry for myself!

I hope to go back to Estonia to explore some of the other cities, in particular Parnu. If I find my self back in Tartu I know exactly where I will be setting up camp!

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