Hoa Binh day trip and trip around the lake

Hoa Binh Trip

During one of Vietnam’s bank holidays a few months ago, we decided to hire a scooter and head to Hoa Binh for a night. We chose the place purely because of it’s easy accessibility from Hanoi, at just a couple of hours of easy riding. It was our first time hiring a bike since moving to Hanoi just over 3 months ago, and despite Graham having a motorbike licence in the UK, the trip didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped.

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Misadventure - Vangvieng

Guest Post – Misadventures on the Road

Last week we were in Vang Vieng, Laos’ most famous party town. Its fame comes from the alcohol-downing sport of tubing. Basically, you hire an inner tire tube, go a few kilometres up river and float back into town, trying to drink as much as humanly possible in the river side bars and get your tube back before you lose your deposit at 6pm. Like every other traveller ever to stop here, we drank ourselves silly and had a great time tubing. Unlike every other traveller, our Vang Vieng based misadventure didn’t take place on the river.

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Coming down the Hue side of the Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass Vietnam

My alarm started shrieking at me at 5.30am one morning, which is a time I don’t particularly relish for anything, never mind what we had planned for this day. The previous day we had hired a taxi to drive us from Hoi An to Hue, over the Hai Van Pass. And today, we would be hiring a moped to go back to the top of the pass, and complete what turned out to be a six hour round trip and make it back to Hue in time for our bus. Any why were we planning to return to the top of the Hai Van Pass? Well, because it’s just so gosh darn beautiful. And to correct a terrible error from the day before.

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When Disaster Hits

In 5 days time I should be boarding a flight to Australia, with a one way ticket. But I wont be. I bust my ankle a couple of weeks ago in a Go-Karting accident, and following an operation to pop a couple of pins in there I am not particularly mobile, or in any way fit to board a flight.
This is, however, great news for more than 1 reason. First up, all the posts I currently had saved as drafts that are in the need of a little TLC (and have been for the past few months) can be addressed. 

Next, there is my all important bank balance. A few extra months at work and not being able to go out socialising can hardly be a bad thing in the lead up to a year long trip, now can it?

Its not the best of situation, but I can enjoy the changing of the seasons and wrapping up nice and warm in lovely winter jumpers, hats and scarves.

And, hey, if any of you fancy a try at go-karting in North London, Team-Sport Go-Karting in Edmonton was awesome fun. Broken ankle aside.



I don’t pretend to be a technology pro, but this is pretty bad by any standard. In fact, I doubt my techno-phobic 54 year old mother would make such a mistake.

Making a long story short, I deleted all of my posts. Everything gone into the ethereal of the internet, never to be seen again by a living human. Only web fairies and www.goblins can find the posts of my past.

Luckily for me, I have a super hero. Not very many girls have one and today I thanked my weird sense of humour and charming personality for keeping this one around. He goes by the name of Super Gram and he has single-handedly saved the world from imploding on more than one occasion, and today he did it again!

Ok, I might be over exaggerating, and I’m sure anyone vaguely competent with a computer would have managed it, but Super Gram found the cached posts for me to re-post on here. After all, I wouldn’t want all the hard work that went into 10 posts over a year and a half to go to waste, now would I?

Update – Unfortunately, mainly due to laziness, I lost a few posts. I hope the web fairies enjoy them!