Winter Wonderland Ferris Wheel

Winter Wonderland

When I was growing up in the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Moors a good old town fair was never far away. Some of my greatest memories of growing up include playing on the rides, trying to win a giant teddy and filling my face with hot dogs and candy floss. So you can imagine my delight when I received a call from my sister, who very recently moved to London, late Wednesday night asking me to go to Winter Wonderland.

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When Disaster Hits

In 5 days time I should be boarding a flight to Australia, with a one way ticket. But I wont be. I bust my ankle a couple of weeks ago in a Go-Karting accident, and following an operation to pop a couple of pins in there I am not particularly mobile, or in any way fit to board a flight.
This is, however, great news for more than 1 reason. First up, all the posts I currently had saved as drafts that are in the need of a little TLC (and have been for the past few months) can be addressed. 

Next, there is my all important bank balance. A few extra months at work and not being able to go out socialising can hardly be a bad thing in the lead up to a year long trip, now can it?

Its not the best of situation, but I can enjoy the changing of the seasons and wrapping up nice and warm in lovely winter jumpers, hats and scarves.

And, hey, if any of you fancy a try at go-karting in North London, Team-Sport Go-Karting in Edmonton was awesome fun. Broken ankle aside.


Comedian at Hungry Miller Comedy Club

Monday Blues

We all know that feeling. Monday at 5.15pm and almost time to head home from work. With 1 day down you still have 4 more to go and you just don’t know if you can make it through. You begin to weigh up options for the evening to make it all feel a little more bearable. You could go home, order in from your favorite Chinese, watch a season of Sex in the City (I only just got the box set, don’t judge me) and wish away the rest of the week. Maybe go to the pub, have a few too many pints and stagger home and pay for it when your alarm goes off in the morning. Maybe head to the cinema, but then again everyone knows that’s a Wednesday night gig. Its all looking a little hopeless. There’s no way you will make it to Friday without loosing a small amount of soul.

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Blackheath Firework Display 2012

Fireworks at Blackheath display, London

Fireworks at Blackheath display, London

Every year parks all across London (and the rest of the UK) set up hot dog carts, coffee stands and sell as many flashing toys to children as possible. Its 5th November, or the closest weekend when the 5th falls on a week night. Last night a group of friends and me took the long journey from zone 3 North London into the deep, dark depths of South London’s Blackheath for their annual fire works display.
We got there a little early, so early in fact the hog roast I insist on for dinner at any fire work display I attend wasn’t ready yet!  Blackheath is one of the most popular free displays in London so it gets pretty busy there, as well as on the trains to get there, so getting there early really does pay off (even if you do have to wait a while for your hog roast dinner).
After we had all filled our bellies with hot dogs, burgers and candy we went down to the fairground to go on some rides! It was like going back to the early naughties when I was about 14, it was quite simply amazing. There were all the classics; Twister, Dodgems, a Carousel and my personal favorite the Waltzers.

Now, feeling like a big kid, it was time to head out onto the heath to watch the fire works. Never mind Christmas, you can forget about Easter, birthdays and whatever else, bonfire night is without a doubt my favorite night of the year for no other reason then the firework. Yes, the fairs are fun and the food is yummy, but its all about the show!
The display at Blackheath was simply fabulous. Having spent my uni days in Liverpool (I’ll give a few little guides to Liverpool soon, to include nights out and exploring the Beatles) the best place to go to see fireworks was Sefton Park, which puts on the very best display I had ever seen! However, as soon as the display is over you would have to make a quick exit from the park unless you want a firework in your face! This being my second display I have been to in London I still get a little concerned walking through the crowds that there will be a “joker” among them ready to set a rocket off. This being Blackheath and not Liverpool you won’t need to be worrying about that, something that I always find to be a pleasant surprise.

Right as the show was about to start my house mate pulled a bottle of red wine and some Halloween cups to sip through the demonstration, and I shared a few packs of sparklers with everyone. Just a little word of warning though, we were told off by one of the safety stewards for having them.

There is, however, just 1 small critique I have about the Blackheath display. All other shows I have been to have had a soundtrack, usually ending in Katy Perry’s Firework. It was only a small thing but it does make a difference.
There was also a reptile house with rescued snakes and lizards of all shapes and sizes. We held a lovely snake named Opal. It was nice to see something non traditional at the display, and I’m sure it was a great way for the charity to make a few extra pennies.
All in all Blackheath had it all, great food, awesome rides, snakes and a fabulous display! I will be there next year for sure!
Originally posted 4/11/2012, but because I’m an idiot I deleted it!