Hobart from the top of Mt Wellington

Hobart Highlights

Hobart is a beautiful and small coastal city, surrounded by beautiful mountains. I spent around 4 days here in total and instantly fell for the cities laid back attitude and love for sea food.

I arrived at the airport, which is tiny, in the early morning and hopped on the shuttle bus to town. The shuttle bus is great, it’s 30USD return and will drop off/pick up from most the hotels and hostels in town. I was dropped at The Pickled Frog, ditched my bag and set off to Bathurst Street’s farmer market.

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The Pickled Frog, Hostel Review, Hobart

Standing close to the top of the hill on Liverpool Street is a large green building, impossible to walk passed without giving it a second glance. This is The Pickled Frog Hostel. Walk in through the main entrance and you will be greeted by a cosy reception room with communal computers, comfy sofas, a small bar, the reception desk and, in winter, a roaring open fire. This is where I found myself after 10 days wwoofing on a dairy farm in Wodonga, torn between wanting to spend some time not working and needing to find a job before winter crept in.

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