YHA Bristol – Review

Last weekend me and a group of friends took the 2 hour train journey from London Paddington to Bristol, if you book in advance it’s dirt cheap. Now, I’m no seasoned expert in the world of hostel and budget accommodation (I’m no seasoned expert on any accommodation) but here goes my first review. YHA Bristol, get ready for this!

We arrived at Bristol with not much of a clue where to go, when suddenly an amazing idea struck my friend “we aren’t in London, that means we won’t have to take out a loan to get a taxi!” a couple of quid later we arrived at the YHA Bristol branch on the water front, and let me tell you, it couldn’t be in a nicer part of the city! The place is sat right on the river side and the view is just lovely; boats bobbing on the water and people wandering up the river and popping in and out of the bars and restaurants on the other side of the bridge. 

We were in a group of 6 and booked a double room and a 4 bed dorm. Both were lovely. The double room was pretty big (which was unexpected as they didn’t pay too much more for it) and our room for four was a pretty OK size too. Most importantly both rooms came with en suites, which were also clean and lovely.

The staff were all really welcoming, we were checked in and relaxing in our rooms in no time, and there was always someone around if you needed anything…or if like me you were drunk and they needed someone to laugh at, but I’m OK with that.

There were a few common areas around on the ground floor with nice big screens, super comfy sofas, plenty of access to computers and the internet, and a pool table. 

All in all it was a pretty nice place to stay. Clean rooms, good location and friendly staff and a budget price. If I go back to Bristol I know where I’ll be staying.

Originally posted 29/12/2012, but because I’m an idiot I deleted it!

Comedian at Hungry Miller Comedy Club

Monday Blues

We all know that feeling. Monday at 5.15pm and almost time to head home from work. With 1 day down you still have 4 more to go and you just don’t know if you can make it through. You begin to weigh up options for the evening to make it all feel a little more bearable. You could go home, order in from your favorite Chinese, watch a season of Sex in the City (I only just got the box set, don’t judge me) and wish away the rest of the week. Maybe go to the pub, have a few too many pints and stagger home and pay for it when your alarm goes off in the morning. Maybe head to the cinema, but then again everyone knows that’s a Wednesday night gig. Its all looking a little hopeless. There’s no way you will make it to Friday without loosing a small amount of soul.

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