Comedian at Hungry Miller Comedy Club

Monday Blues

We all know that feeling. Monday at 5.15pm and almost time to head home from work. With 1 day down you still have 4 more to go and you just don’t know if you can make it through. You begin to weigh up options for the evening to make it all feel a little more bearable. You could go home, order in from your favorite Chinese, watch a season of Sex in the City (I only just got the box set, don’t judge me) and wish away the rest of the week. Maybe go to the pub, have a few too many pints and stagger home and pay for it when your alarm goes off in the morning. Maybe head to the cinema, but then again everyone knows that’s a Wednesday night gig. Its all looking a little hopeless. There’s no way you will make it to Friday without loosing a small amount of soul.

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