Comedian at Hungry Miller Comedy Club

Monday Blues

We all know that feeling. Monday at 5.15pm and almost time to head home from work. With 1 day down you still have 4 more to go and you just don’t know if you can make it through. You begin to weigh up options for the evening to make it all feel a little more bearable. You could go home, order in from your favorite Chinese, watch a season of Sex in the City (I only just got the box set, don’t judge me) and wish away the rest of the week. Maybe go to the pub, have a few too many pints and stagger home and pay for it when your alarm goes off in the morning. Maybe head to the cinema, but then again everyone knows that’s a Wednesday night gig. Its all looking a little hopeless. There’s no way you will make it to Friday without loosing a small amount of soul.

But wait. There’s one option left that you’ve yet to consider. Open up a new email (or create a Whatsapp group), add some of your friends that you know will be in need of something fun to do to take away the Monday blues too, and add into the subject line “Hungry Millers Comedy Laugh Bag”. That’s right, its time to fight the blues with the one thing sure to make the week seem less painful; stand up comedy.
This place is ideal for those cold Monday evenings; just hop on the Northern Line to London Bridge, cut through Guys Hospital and there, on Snowsfields Road, is The Miller pub. Its like a beacon of light on a dark, drizzly London evening.
I first went to the Hungry Miller Comedy Laugh Bag 2 years ago when I lived over the road, and because of my close proximity I went every week. Since then the room has stayed the same, the Compare hasn’t changed, and neither has the price. What has changed is their reputation, both to audiences and to comedians, thus the room is often packed out and the acts keep getting better and better!
I would recommend¬†booking in advance. Also, it’ll save you a pound or two to book in advance, and there’s a deal for a ticket and a pint too! The show¬†starts at 8pm, I would recommend heading down for about 6-6.30ish, fill your face with some Thai food in the pub, or there’s a great curry house next door (its BYOB, not that you’ll be drinking, it’s Monday). Then head upstairs and let Rob the compare introduce some great new comedians, as well as big names.
Its a great way to beat those blues away, whether you’ve got the fear of the working week ahead or you’re a tourist looking for something fun and affordable to fill your Monday night, Hungry Millers Comedy Laugh Bag will do just the trick to make you night brighter!
Here’s a few pictures I took whilst there a little while ago.

Comedian at The Hungry Miller Comedy Club, London

Comedian at The Hungry Miller Comedy Club, London
Comedian at The Hungry Miller Comedy Club, London
Please note, this was originally posted 20/11/2012 but because I’m an idiot I deleted it! I’m not sure if The Miller still has comedy on a Monday, but if it does let me know!!

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