Agua Azul waterfall

Exploring Central America is Almost Over

Poor, poor A Cup of Adventure has been thoroughly neglected of late.  And by “of late” I mean for well over a year.  I thought it’s about time I changed that and stared writing a little more for it.  I’ve been writing lots for, a website Graham and I have been working on, but this has taken quite the back seat.  Our time travelling in Central America is coming to a slow end: we have 3 weeks to travel to Costa Rica before flying back to Hanoi, so I thought I’d share some stories about what we’ve been up to for the past 6 months.

So, what have we been up to? Following the wedding of two wonderful school friends and two days on absolutely abusing the free alcohol at the resort we headed away from the expensive Yucatan and into the state of Chiapas.  We went to the “magic” town of San Cristobal de las Casas and kind of got stuck there.  The town is so beautiful, the food is delicious and the people friendly.  Before we really new it a month had passed and we hadn’t left.  We mainly worked on whilst we were there.  And drank coffee.  A lot of coffee.

Following from San Cris we decided to head to Mexico’s foodie capital: Oaxaca City.  The city is known as the sea of seven moles, which is a delicious sauce often made with chocolate.  Yum!  We were also able to visit the ancient ruins of Monte Alban and Mitla, which were amazing to s

ee.  And we went to Hierve el Agua.  Here’s a picture of how pretty it is when you look at pictures online and a picture of me there.  We still enjoyed it, despite the weather.

From here, it was back to San Cris and across the boarder to Guatemala.  We had the best time in Guatemala and worked on trying to be more adventurous.  We climbed some volcanoes, swam in hot springs, explored ancient Mayan ruins and tried to convince ourselves to do other more adventurous things, which usually ended in us drinking cuba libres next to lakes or mountains instead, but it was fun.  We also stayed in Antigua for a month, which is fairly similar to San Cris, and met some lovely people there.

Next we raced through Honduras, stopping to explore more ancient ruins, again at a brewery/hostel and then once more close to the Nicaraguan boarder.  We’ve now been in Nicaragua for about 3 weeks, ish.  It is a pretty awesome country, we spent some time in Leon, where Graham went volcano boarding, spent some time on Little Corn Island and are now in Granada.  That’s a fairly quick breakdown of what we’ve been up to, I’m looking forward to writing up some of our adventures and telling you all a little more about what we’ve been up to.

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