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Dingo Moon Lodge Review, Darwin

As our time was coming to an end in Australia we decided to have one week in Darwin, no Wwoofing or farm work required. Just Graham, me, sunsets on the beach, no need to get out of bed if we didn’t want to, care free. Oh, and all the other backpackers at Dingo Moon Lodge.

Dingo Moon Lodge is filled with little quirks that make it interesting. Some of them good, some of them bad. Such as a “free shelf” filled with bits and bobs (mainly black pepper) left behind by other travellers. Anyone can take what they like from here, which is great if you want a bit of cooking oil but don’t want to buy a full bottle. It’s an interesting place, and the people here are just as interesting. Which, like anywhere, is really what made this place and our last week in Australia memorable.

Dingo Moon Lodge is on Mitchell Street, which in my eyes is the perfect location. Just a five minute walk to any of the parties, but also five minutes away from any of the noise. Mitchell Street is pretty busy, so the hostel is easy to find. So, top marks on location.

The kitchen isn’t spectacular, but then again, if anyone knows of a hostel kitchen that is let me know! It’s bit, and there’s usually plenty of space on the sides and in the fridge, loads of cutlery and plates to go around, a pair of microwaves and six gas hobs. It’s certainly enough to get by. It can get busy in there so we tended to try keep to a one pot dish… ok, this was also because we didn’t want to wash up two, but it was partly to do with being considerate, I promise. The kitchen opens out into the pool area where there is also a BBQ.

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Next, let’s take a walk around the pool area. The pool is nice and clean, a good size, and sits in the sun for most of the day. Surrounding the pool are plenty of sun loungers, picnic benches, tables and chairs. This is the main social area for all times of the day. People sit here to eat their free breakfast, loads of people hang out here through the day, and people head here of an evening to eat and drink. There are always loads of people around, giving Dingo Moon a nice little buzz. Some hostels in town don’t allow you to bring your own booze in, so there are usually people from outside the hostel hanging out by the pool as well.

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The toilets and showers were in various places around the hostel, meaning there was usually one not too far away from your room. Although there aren’t loads of them they are well maintained and the water for the shower was always hot.

We stayed in a four bed dorm. It was small and quite basic. To be honest, it was about as basic as you can get with a bunk bed on two of the walls and a mirror on one, that was pretty much it. They did it well though, the room was clean and the beds were pretty comfy so we were happy there.


One of the less positive quirks of Dingo Moon Lodge is they only allow guests to stay for one week. I assume this is due to a mix of reasons including its popularity. We only planned to stay a week so it wasn’t a problem for us but some of the people we met there had to move.

In all, I really enjoyed my stay here. The staff are friendly, it’s well located, clean and social. For me it was everything a good and well ran hostel should be.

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