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The Best Burger in Luang Prabang

Eating local food is amazing, and one of the reasons I love to travel. The flavours, textures and combinations are new and exciting. Every bite is a party in your mouth, and your tongue us the guest of honour. That is until you fast forward a few months, you’ve been eating rice and noodles every day, and those exciting new flavours become boring and repetitive. Let’s be honest, after you’ve been on the road for a while you just want a little taste of home. Perhaps a burger would settle your tongues needs? Well, you’re in luck. After spending three months in the city, here is my list of the best burgers Lugang Prabang has to offer.

I would guess that between Graham and I, we have tried every burger in the city. I’ll be honest, some of them ain’t that great. There have been a few occasions in Luang Prabang that we’ve dropped a load of cash on a burger each, eager and excited for that western food hit, only to leave disappointed, poor and guilty. So, I’ve done all the hard work for you, to guarantee that when you go for that treat meal you aren’t left feeling short changed. There is also a spot to get incredible pizza in Luang Prabang, but if you’re after a burger, head to one of these three spots.


If you’ve met someone that has travelled through Luang Prabang already, done even the slightest amount of research on the city, or just arrived and asked your hotel where to go that night, you’ll know about Utopia. Every backpacker in town heads here every night to get drung, play volley ball and then head out bowling. You can also get there a little bit earlier for some food, sit on the deck next to the river and relax. They have two burgers on the menu, and at 55,000Kip they are a little on the pricey side. They are good, though. With ingredients like wasabi mayonnaise, cheese, fried onion and mushrooms, served with delicious wedges, you will not leave feeling disappointed.

Redbul Bar

Graham and I have a little debate about the absolute best burger in town. Graham’s choice is the blue cheese burger from Redbul. At the very least, this burger hits a home run on fixing the mass cheese deprivation we’d been facing after months in Asia. The parmesan burger is really good, too, and also puts a stop to those cheese cravings. The beef was also cooked really well, still nice and juicy,. However, the pork option is less good, stick with the beef. The chips are good, too. You can also enjoy cheap Lao Lao cocktails whilst you’re there, and play some pool with the locals.


Best Burger in Luang Prabang - Red Bull

Best Burger in Luang Prabang – Red Bull

Loa Lao Garden

For me, the best burger in Luang Prabang is the Lao Lao Garden water buffalo burger. It’s lovely and moist, it’s similar to beef so makes a good patty. Topped with cheese and bacon, this satisfied all of my western food cravings, whilst I was still able to argue it was on the fringes of local food, unless you know a place serving buffalo burgers in London, in which case please tell me where! The only down side to this place is you have to pay extra for the chips. It wasn’t a big deal to me because the burger was huge, so I’d never have been able to eat it all any way.

And there you have it, after three months of exploring and testing all of the burgers I could find the best burger in Luang Prabang, Utopia, Redbul Bar and Lao Lao Garden are the three best spots. They all have great burgers on the menu, and offer booze in a lovely setting.

What’s your guilty western food of choice when you’re on the road?

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