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Australia Picture Diary

Five months in Australia flew past. We didn’t see or do everything, but it would take a lifetime to do that! Here, in pictures, are some of the highlights and a bit of a breakdown of the route we took.

I started my trip in Melbourne, with a quick 14 days in Albery Wadonga on a dairy farm. Unfortunately, my pictures from this time are somewhere unknown. My next stop was Tasmania, a beautiful, wild and green island that can often be forgotten by travellers in Australia. Again, many of my snaps seem to be missing, but here are a few from Hobart.

From here it was back to Melbourne. My memories of this place are filled with great friends, lots of coffee and yummy food! I had a great time. This is also where Graham flew out to meet me, so it will forever hold some special memories.

From here we decided to hire a car and drive to Sydney. It’s a long, long drive, but it’s a great way to get a scale of Australia, all day driving and we only covered a tiny corner of the country! We spent three days in Sydney, including a trip to the Blue Mountains. Here are some of the highlights of our time there.

As the weather began to chill in the South, we hopped on a plane to Cairns, Queensland. Ironically, as we disembarked from the plane we were greeted by wind and rain. Not exactly what we had in mind for our time here, but the rain only lasted a night and then the beautiful hot days returned. On our first stay in Cairns we didn’t really like it. The city seemed tired and dirty. But after a stay in Cooktown we returned and had our minds changed, the city seemed to come alive as more backpackers escaped the worsening weather in the south. As well as Cooktown, we also spent some time in the Atherton Table Lands and Bellenden Ker.

We spent just shy of two months in Queensland, its so beautiful and the people are lovely. However, the expiration date on Graham’s three month tourist visa was beginning to get close. It was time to hop on a flight to Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Darwin is a beauty, it feels very small and close to nature. Again, most of our time was spent working on farms, but managed to squeeze in a few trips, too.

Our time here was filled with beautiful destinations, incredible wildlife, new friends and amazing experiences. These pictures share the story of out time there, but really there is so much more than I could possibly dream of capturing on camera.

Update – Hooray! I found the missing pictures taken on my phone. Some pictures remain at large (like the pictures of us cuddling a koala, I need to find them!) but here is a small selection from my phone snaps.

Australia Picture Diary

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  1. beechdey

    What a fabulous 5 months you had, for me the best holiday ever I was there for 5 weeks over Xmas and New Year and also did a bit of New Zealand in 1996, thanks for sharing this.

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