Charlie Metcalfe, autor of A Cup of Adventure

Charlie Metcalfe, author of A Cup of Adventure

When I was 11 a doctor asked me what I want to do when I grow up. My response was simple, I wanted to go trekking in Peru, ride an elephant in Thailand, crawl through tunnels in Vietnam and see kangaroos in Australia. By the age of 24 I’d been on beach holidays to Spain and camped in Cornwall once or twice, but 11-year-old me would have been ashamed.

So, I packed in my job, turned in the keys for my London flat, filled a bag and am on my way, wonderful boyfriend in tow, exploring our beautiful world and eating everything as I go!

Oh, and I’m probably the clumsiest person who ever decided leaving the house was a good idea. I can’t wait to share my adventures, and inevitable falls.

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  1. Charlotte

    Hi Charlie
    I found your blog through a google search about WWOOFING. It’s really interesting to read about your experiences. Please could you tell me the name if the farms that you enjoyed WWOOFING at in Queensland and the Northern Territory? I am trying to finish of my farming days and would love to go somewhere like the places you describe. Thanks,

    1. charliemetcalfe

      Hi Charlotte,
      I’m really please you liked reading about my experience. I will send you an email with the names of the farms and as much contact info as I can!


  2. Miranda

    Hi Charlie,

    I’m just reading up on your blog. Now that you’ve been in Hanoi for a while, has it been as easy as all of these forums lead me to believe to find a job? I’m considering taking the plunge, and I just want confirmation from a “real person” that its possible! Haha. Thanks in advance for your reply!

    1. charliemetcalfe

      Hi Miranda,
      It is, and its much easier if you have a degree and even easier if you have a TEFL qualification of some kind. I’ve made a few silly mistakes, the first arriving just before Tet, which is like trying to get a job in the UK 2 weeks before Christmas! And I left my degree in storage (which I now have), so make sure you bring it with you! All certificates and experience mean a higher wage and the process will be easier than if you don’t have them.
      There’s a facebook group called Hanoi Massive that’s really useful and a website called The New Hanoian, both regularly have teaching jobs posted on them.
      I hope that helps!

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