6 DIY Christmas presents for travellers

6 DIY Christmas Presents for Travellers

Travellers are a hard bunch to buy for, whether you are trying to send them something from home or if you’re with them on the road. In Part 1 and Part 2 of my complete guide to Christmas presents for travellers I shared some ideas about presents to send to you friends and family on the road. Here, I’m going to share 6 easy and inexpensive DIY projects any traveller can make and give as presents this Christmas.

DIY Christmas presents are perfect for both parties. For the giver, it is cheap and takes advantage of their (generally) time rich lifestyle. For the receiver of the gift, it’s small, lightweight and not going to be the end of the world if it gets lost or broken. It’s just a bit of fun to give your travel companions a festive hug this season.

DIY Paper Christmas Tree

Starting with a Christmas tree. If you’re in Asia, you might not have seen a Christmas tree yet – I’m in Laos and have seen 2 – which can make it hard to get into the Christmas spirit sometimes. So, I say make your own. Head to your local internet cafe and find some nice festive patterns (I like these, and this one), print them out and watch this video! You can swap the pencil for a skewer, which (depending where you are in the world) you should be able to pick up in a corner shop. This is so quick and easy, even the least creative of folk can handle it!

DIY Snowflake Ballerinas

I found this great guide at Krokotak for a festive twist on paper chain men. Again, they’re supper easy. Just follow the instructions given. You can use festive prints for this as well, but, if you want to make it a little bit more exciting, see if you can find some glitter and felt-tip pens and get decorating! These are so sweet, and although ballerinas might not be traditional festive decorations, I think they should be!

DIY Christmas presents paper Ballerina

Picture credit – http://krokotak.com/2012/11/snowflake-ballerinas-for-little-hands/

DIY Fancy Dress

Who doesn’t love fancy dress? Personally, the only thing I love more is watching people that hate it pretending to have fun (I’m looking at you, Graham). So, sticking with DIY projects that are so painfully easy anyone can do them, I give you the Santa Beard. Simply cut out a beard shape on a piece of white paper (don’t forget to cut a mouth out, too), stick an ice-cream stick to the back and cover in cotton wool. Yes, it is that easy, and yes, you do get to eat an ice-cream too!

DIY Christmas presents -  Santa beard

Picture credit – http://eastcoastmommyblog.blogspot.ca/2012/11/preschooler-craft-santa-beard.html

DIY Sock Snowman

It’s time to take this DIY-ing to the next level. These all weather snowmen are still so easy to make my three year old nephew could have a pretty good go, but they move a little beyond the ability to stick some cotton wool to a piece of paper.

First up, you’ll need a white sock. If you don’t have an odd one in your backpack (ha!) You should be able to pick a pair up at a local market. You’re also going to need some elastic bands, rice and some scrap fabric and buttons for decoration. You can get the full instructions from Darkroom & Dearly.

DIY Christmas present - sock snowmen

Picture credit – http://www.darkroomanddearly.com/blog/rkroomanddearly.com/2011/12/10th-day-of-christmas-sock-snowmen.html


DIY Felt Animals

I found these adorable little animal ornaments on Swis sight 101ideer.se. If you can’t find the right fabric, try either buying some cheap clothing you can cut up, or printing more patterns on paper (see a theme?). There isn’t too much on there in the way of instructions, but it’s pretty self explanatory. Go on, son, you can do it!

DIY Christmas present - felt woodland animals

Picture credit – http://101ideer.se/juldekorationer-i-filt/

DIY Wrinkle Release Spray

Did I hear someone ask for a more practical DIY present, that doesn’t include printing any Christmas patterns? I thought so. In answer, I offer you DIY wrinkle release spray. Its so easy to make, and let’s be honest: when was the last time you even set eyes on an iron? Never mind the last time you actually saw someone using one? Give your friend this and help them look a little more like a human being, rather than an animal that just emerged from a pile of discarded old clothes. All you need is water, vinegar and conditioner. Popsugar has instructions.

And there you have it; five easy, cheap, disposable and fun DIY Christmas presents. And one practical one thrown in for good measure. What are you giving your travel buddies this Christmas?


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